Turning your Office Green / An Emotional Experience


      Today, awareness of the environmental costs associated with waste disposal and impact on public health is a fact.


    Because of this, many healthcare institutions are adopting environmentally friendly practices that reduce waste production and offer equally effective and less expensive alternatives.

    This is why, in our profession, the present is to seek to implement that awareness that promotes and offers a friendly relationship with the environment, thus developing a Green Clinic.


    The development of a Green Clinic is based primarily on establishing the conceptual areas, in order to subsequently establish the management of the green supply chain. 


  The conceptual areas are represented by the needs related to interior design (Ecological interior design, systems, among others) and these are unified with the dental needs (Equipment, materials, factors inherent to the profession, among others).

     "Green supply chain management aims to achieve the integration of environmental approaches" 

    Chain management can be explained, such as managing to increase customer satisfaction by decreasing storage costs, product defects, and activity costs.

    Green supply chain management aims to achieve the integration of environmentalist approaches that minimize or eliminate waste. This includes hazardous chemicals, emissions, energy, and solid waste throughout the supply chain. It plays a vital role in influencing the total environmental impact of any element involved in supply chain activities and therefore contributes to the improvement of sustainability performance. Both are important in their roles.


For this purpose, the element of positive experience, which is formed by personalizing the treatment to the needs of the client, and the element of security is fundamental to fulfill the perceived value of and offered to the patient.

  Initially, we are going to understand some basic definitions:


Supply chain. Represented by a system of organizations, people, information, and resources involved directly or indirectly in different activities that produce value in the form of physical goods or services delivered from the supplier to the final consumer.


Services. Unlike physical goods, they are intangible, perishable, and heterogeneous, and often involve customers as active participants in the production process. 


The implication of the services. Always actively involve patients/clients, patients are often co-producers. Naively, health care, contributors to the production of waste in the world.


Ecological interior design plays an important emotional role and here I explain why:


1) Contribution of Transmitted Security: Consolidating the supply chains of ecological dentistry will contribute to the element of positive experience. This is formed by personalizing the treatment to the needs of the client in conjunction with the psychological element of security transmitted. Here, the care by which clients are protected against harm plays a fundamental role. For this, physical, psychological, or emotional aspects have a positive influence under this type of ecological design. It must be remembered that ecological interior design considers both environmental and economic aspects.


 2) Contribution of Value: The implementations of the conceptual areas of interior design, is considered as a service management chain of which the process itself is the product, the value perceived by patients or clients of the health care service is generated mainly during its reception . 


3) Comprehensive positive contribution: Oral health has an impact on physical and mental health and quality of life. Adopting eco-design practices by establishing eco-friendly measures together consolidates green dentistry supply chains. This incorporates the element of positive experience that is formed by personalizing the client's treatment. It should be noted that psychologically speaking, the more complicated the patient's oral condition, the more treatment increases, the stress on the patient increases, and patient satisfaction decreases. Consequently, it would be necessary more resources, more chemicals, and more medicines to be used, which means more waste generated, all of which indirectly damage the environment. Dental care for many people includes anxiety, cost considerations, perceived needs, and lack of access. The main reason people visit the dentist is to relieve oral discomfort, but many people delay treatment due to fear and anxiety. This worsens the oral condition, increases the complexity and time of the treatment.

      Research has shown that positive emotions can improve parasympathetic heart control, benefit physical health, distract people from their pain, extend past happiness, and generate energy to deal with threats and uncertainties, especially in Post-Pandemic Dentistry.

      By implementing a green office, dental care is highly personalized. During the course of diagnosis and treatment, patients have more opportunities to interact and be stimulated by their perceptions of the dental health landscape. Consequently, the dental health landscape offers opportunities to improve patient impressions of the dental treatment process, thereby reducing negative emotions from patients.


By implementing an "atmosphere" (a space in the service environment that is carefully designed so that a consumer can have a special emotional feeling), clients holistically evaluate the experiences of dental visits. This information is evidence-based.


Green and Sustainable Dentistry provide solutions through different concepts of ecological architecture, and Kansei Engineering (KE) is an alternative. This is an ergonomic methodology oriented to the development of the emotional design. Analyze consumer psychology and translate the results into product development.


As part of Eastern psychology, the Kansei design represents factors such as needs, desires, preferences, emotions, affections, and feelings.

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