Hello, I am a Dentist. I graduated in Venezuela (University of Carabobo) and then I studied my postgraduate degree at El Bosque University- Colombia graduating in 2010. During my continuous practical experience, I have understood that besides that our profession has an important value in the prevention and promotion of health, teeth are closely related to the whole body and vice versa. Similarly, I observed the massive impact that our profession generates in environment. This led me to reflect and research. Today, as a Go Green Ambassador, I promote sustainable development in our profession, I am in tune with dentistry Biological and Toxicology and Oral Medicine.

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Climate change is a global health problem. There is a lack of knowledge in our dental practice about caring for the environment and how exposed we can be to the toxicity that our profession continually handles. Today, it is a reality that dental practice has a massive impact on the environment. Being inactive in the face of this knowledge contributes to increasing the consequences of climate change, which for both the health of the individual and the environment are probably serious. This course has been developed under the concept of a systematic literature review to date. It is aimed at: Dental Students, Dental Assistants, Professors and / or Academic Entities from Universities who seek to join Sustainable Development, Dentists who seek to develop a dental office from scratch, Dentists who already present a dental office.


Biological dentistry is not a separate specialty from dentistry. It is a thought process and an attitude that can be applied to all facets of dental practice and health care in general. It always seeks the safest and least toxic way to achieve the goals of modern dentistry and contemporary medical care. It recognizes the essential connections between oral health and general health since the well-being of the mouth is an integral part of the health of the whole person. These courses show the toxicity present in our area, offer alternatives for the optimization of health. They are focused on improving your lifestyle and promoting and caring for the well-being of your patients and employees.

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