Electric Nutrition (EEarthing or Grounding)





Yes, earthing (grounding) connects people to the Earth's natural healing energy.



Earthing is as simple as routinely walking barefoot outdoors and/or using inexpensive grounding systems indoors while sleeping or sitting, practices that restore a lost and needed electric connection with the Earth.



I always believed that our mother earth could support us even with more health benefits. I  find it a unique experience to do such a simple thing that connects with mother earth when placing my feet on the ground. But I never imagined there was science behind it. Following a research published in the 2017 who's objective was to study and explain the potential of grounding to clinicians as a simple strategy for prevention, therapy, and improving patient outcomes, the result of all studies discussed revealed significant physiological or clinical outcomes as a result of grounding. 2


The thing is that electric nutrition has a simple, natural, and accessible clinical strategy against the global epidemic of noncommunicable, degenerative, inflammatory-related diseases. 2 

Some 20 studies to date have reported intriguing evidence of wide and significant physiological improvements when the body is grounded vs. ungrounded. 1



A review of research evidence and clinical observations published in the journal Explore in 2020, mentions along with numerous anecdotal reports, demonstrate, doing grounding clearly deserves inclusion in the clinical practice of preventive, alternative, and lifestyle medicine. It support the fact that in the Medicine field this should be  recommended from the Doctors to the patients1



An experimental injury to muscles, known as delayed onset muscle soreness, has been used to monitor the immune response under grounded versus ungrounded conditions. Grounding reduces pain and alters the numbers of circulating neutrophils and lymphocytes, and also affects various circulating chemical factors related to inflammation.3


How can we do it?There are two basic ways of Earthing: 1) indoors, involving inexpensive Earthing systems (conductive mats, pads, body bands, or patches) while sitting or sleeping, and 2), in its most natural form, and free, by spending time barefoot outdoors in contact with natural conductive surfaces, like grass, soil, gravel, stone, and sand just as vitamin D in our body is produced by energy and frequencies generated from the sun, 93 million miles away, the Earth right under our feet provides unique energy and frequencies that directly influence our body. 



“The Earth has long been recognized and utilized by the electrical industry as an essential source of stability and safety”



The truth is, all modern electrical systems, from large grids and power stations to homes, buildings, and factories, and the machinery and appliances powered by electricity, are all connected to the Earth for stability and safety.  We live and work, and spend much or most of our time disconnected, often far above ground in high rises.The lost contact with the Earth may contribute to electrical imbalances, a build-up of disruptive static electricity (positive charges),and an unrecognized electron deficiency in the body, and with it, vulnerability to dysfunction, disorder, and disease. 



How can this possibly be, you might ask? The surface of Planet Earth, as is well known, is affected electrically by countless lightning strikes, solar radiation, and other atmospheric dynamics. Not so well known, however, is that these phenomena endow our landmasses and bodies of water with a continuously renewed supply of subatomic particles called free electrons that give the Earth a natural negative electric charge. Research on biological Earthing suggests that this very same electric charge, and its limitless supply of electrons and their diurnal frequencies, plays a governing and nurturing role for both the animal and plant kingdoms, a form of“electric nutrition,”so to speak. 1



The research findings have supported the hypothesis that Earthing facilitates a significant transfer of free electrons into the body, a transfer resulting in rapid, sometimes instant, physiological changes. 



The thing is that earthing restores and maintains a natural internal electrical environment. Sokal and Sokal, two Polish doctors and researchers, performed a series of experiments some years ago and concluded that Earthing the human body represents a“universal regulating factor in Nature”strongly influencing bioelectrical, bioenergetics, and biochemical processes and appears to offer a significant modulating effect on chronic illnesses and dysfunction.2




Have you been doing grounding and recommend it to your patients?


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